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Transparent Strategy Tracker, LLC, located in the Chicago Board of Trade, is the developer of “TST”, an integrated account monitoring system for futures traders, hedgers, investors, and fund managers that combines innovative technology, infrastructure and transparency.

At the core of TST is a robust technology platform which delivers complete transparency, risk monitoring, and performance statistics on futures trading accounts and/or funds in real-time.

TST Structure & Customer Security

TST is a member of Price Holdings, Inc., an employee-owned, full service financial services business with various specialty divisions. The entities of Price Holdings each provide an array of both traditional and alternative investment, trading, and technology services. As an employee-owned company, our interests are aligned to meet the objectives of our clients and successfully grow our firm. TST has invested a great deal of time and money to produce a solid and robust technological infrastructure for tracking and monitoring futures accounts. Our success is directly measured by our client's full satisfaction.

With this in mind, we recognize that use of this technology by our clients involves the strict security of their company and customer information.

The TST platform is available to clients using one of two methods:

  • As a hosted solution, whereas client information is transmitted to and processed at a dedicated TST
    server location.
  • Under a licensed agreement, whereas the software application is made available under contract to
    a client firm and all data and client information is transmitted to and processed at an internal
    client-side server location.

In the case of a hosted solution, all TST client information is processed and stored in a dedicated, secure and encrypted server environment with strict and limited access by TST administrators only, and is not, under any circumstances, accessible by staff, employees, or affiliates of any other entity of Price Holdings, Inc.

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