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A Tool for a Broad Spectrum of Users

Account Reporting for Investors

Transparent Strategy Tracker “TST” is an integrated account monitoring system for futures traders, hedgers, investors, and fund managers that combines innovative technology, infrastructure and transparency.

Brokerage Firms & Futures Traders

Brokerage firms use TST to monitor the trading activity of their futures clients. Transparency into account trading activity provides valuable information on trading performance and risk management.


Producers, processors, and manufacturers of commoditites and commodity-based products use TST to monitor the price activity of their risk management strategies and futures-based hedge positions. TST provides hedgers consolidated access to their futures trading accounts, positions, and futures prices, regardles of the Clearing FCM, side-by-side with cash prices and even basis.

Investors & Fund Managers

Investors with Managed Futures/CTA portfolios and fund managers with client assets invested with CTAs or managed futures fund of funds benefit for the near real-time, intra-day analysis of their investment accounts. Conduct daily Profit/Loss analysis on both sector levels and individual contract position levels. Drill-down to view open trade equity, gross exposure and volatility-adjusted exposure. Detailed charting and reporting capabilities, and more.


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